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Amazon’s algorithm reportedly suggests shoppers purchase items that can be used to create dangerous reactions and explosives in the ‘frequently bought together’ section


New announcement – # 3572-1/35 ARAB SU-100 TANK DESTROYER

toyland hobby modeling magazine


EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195835727
SCALE: 1:35
ANNOUNCED ON: 6/23/2017
EST ARRIVAL: August 2017

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War, which was fought from June 5-10, 1967 in the Middle East. To commemorate that Third Arab-Israeli War, Dragon has been releasing an ongoing series of 1/35 scale kits featuring armored fighting vehicles that participated in the conflict. The latest one is a 1/35 Egyptian SU-100 Tank Destroyer from the Arab side of the conflict. As might be expected, it is based on previously released kits from Dragon’s famous ’39-’45 series. However, where required, it has been updated with new components and decals to match its service in Arab forces. This SU-100 is most definitely a ONE-OFF item, and customers won’t be able to obtain it ever again. To ensure modelers get hold of this special release of Arab AFVs, modelers will have to spring into…

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Kim Stanley Robinson’s Cheerful Novel of Climate Change


Kim Stanley Robinson is the rare sci-fi novelist that deals in utopias, rather than dystopias—government scientists are often the heroes of his novels, and their quick thinking and bureaucratic efficiency often save the day.

His latest book, New York 2140, takes place not at the moment of catastrophe—in the year 2100, sea levels rise and flood New York so that a majority of the city is 50 feet underwater—but 40 years later, as most city-dwellers do what they’ve always done, and simply gotten along with it. At New York Magazine, Robinson talks with Jake Swearingen about why he made a novel about climate change with a positive outlook.

I was expecting this very dystopian, grim novel. But it’s remarkably cheerful! It’s like one of Dickens’s happier novels, or Les Misérables where it’s this exploration of a city from the sewer system up, through all these different characters.

I thought of the book eventually…

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Despair All Ye Who Enter Into the Climate Change Fray


A New York Magazine story on climate change is making the rounds on the internet, frequently being shared by people characterizing it as a “terrifying” “must-read.” “It is, I promise, worse than you think,” writes David Wallace-Wells, who goes on to tell his readers that even the most anxious among them are unaware of the terrors that are possible “even within the lifetime of a teenager today.”

What many readers seem to be overlooking is how frequently words like “may” appear in the text of Wallace-Wells’ article. “May” is in there seven times; “suggest” six times, “possible” and its variants a few more. Wallace-Wells is, of course, referencing the positions of scientists, whom he says have become extra cautious due to “climate denialism,” steering the public away from “speculative warnings” that could be debunked by future scientific progress, weakening their own case and giving weight to their opponents.

As Jack…

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1/64 Kyosho MILITARY VEHICLE Minicar 12t Light Truck JGSDF Green Die-cast

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1/64 Kyosho 12t Light Truck JGSDF Green

1/64 Kyosho MILITARY VEHICLE Minicar 12t Light Truck Green Die-cast

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1/64 Kyosho 12t Light Truck Green

1/64 Kyosho Kyosho MILITARY VEHICLE Minicar HIGH MOVEMENT CAR Camouflage Green

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1/64 Kyosho HIGH MOVEMENT CAR Camouflage Green


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1/64 Kyosho HIGH MOVEMENT CAR Dark Green

Wings Over Illawarra 2017: Warbirds Keeping History Alive

Aces Flying High

Wings Over Illawarra 2017 had plenty of great flying displays and no air show is complete without historic warbirds taking to the sky. There were some issues during the Saturday flying on May 6th, 2017, which meant not everything flew as planned but what did take to the sky still made it a fun day (I wish the Hawker Hurricane and Yakovlev Yak-3U had made it to the show. They were both in the official program but as is the way, mechanical issues etc. can change the best made plans). As the day rolled on the sunshine had given way to clouds and an ever darkening sky but luckily the flying went on.

HARS Lockheed P2V-7 Neptune

The Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) former RAAFLockheed P2V-7 Neptune (A89-273) maritime patrol aircraft was a big part of the opening to the show. No. 10 Squadron operated 12 P2V-7’s, later redesignated SP-2H from…

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